Friday, August 12, 2011

Gypsy Forest

Hello Simmers Katie and Haven here
Its been sometime since our last upload. Its been a crazy summer,but here we are with a brand new lot. Today Haven and I bring you a Gypsy camp hidden deep in a forest. Here your Gypsy Sims can find a safe place to camp and socialize with other Gypsies. It has 3 wagons. A men's wagon, and women's wagon and a family wagon. Nestled among the trees lays a small cottage that can sleep four. Hidden under the house lays a long forgotten graveyard. But don't worry the spirits are well at rest. the house does contain lights from the Outdoor Living stuff pack as well as a washer from Ambitions. This lot was built with the latest patch and all the games to date.

All the CC is included with the exception of 2 package files however here are links to the files. There are not needed they just look good.

this first site is in Spanish it is the door curtain used in the house. the link is about halfway down and dated 22 de febrero de 2011( or in English February,22, 2011)

The second Link is to a crystal ball computer on MTS

Now on to the pictures

Get the Gypsy Forest here
Thank you and enjoy Don't forget to leave a comment