Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well life gets in the way of things sometimes...Between college and work Haven and I just have not updated.
I am sorry for that but here is a sneak peek our castle. FYI the world the castle is placed in is Called the Castle Keep
Speaking of castles, Both Haven and myself are waiting for the release of The Sims Medieval. It looks truly epic. I love to play a medieval world in Sims. SO I am really looking forward to this game.
I will post more picture later
Love ya peeps


  1. mmwaahaha my castle ^_^ lol Love the WIP!

  2. Thanks I swear I will post it one day ROFL

  3. That looks really good Michelle! Can't wait to see final effect and interiors! maybe you can show some more pictures :D I can't wait for The Sims Medieval too but I wish it was bit cheaper £40 is a lot! So I am not sure if I will buy it in March